Frequently Asked Questions

about SEO Friendly Tag Cloud Widget WordPress Plugin

The SEO Friendly Tag Cloud Widget is intentionally kept simple and user-friendly. The aim is to avoid burdening it with hundreds of options, ensuring it remains lightweight. The focus is primarily on enhancing performance and search visibility. Currently, it supports tags for posts only, but there are plans to extend support to other types of tags in the future.

Check out listed featrures on this page.

Currently, we support tags for posts only. The primary motivation behind developing this plugin was to improve the search visibility for websites that host a significant number of unindexed articles.

Looking Ahead: The future appears bright regarding the expansion of features. We are particularly excited about developing support for:

  • Post categories
  • Tags for pages
  • Categories for pages
  • Tags for products
  • Categories for products

Stay tuned for these exciting updates as we continue to enhance the functionality of our plugin.

We’re not always familiar with every topic, and it’s normal to have gaps in our knowledge. So, yes, here is available description for beginners.

You can receive a nice small discount by using the coupon code ‘POWERFULTAGS’. If you forget to apply the discount code, it won’t be possible to apply it later.

No, the developer upholds a strict no-ads policy. The absence of advertisements in the plugin significantly enhances its performance.

Ads can degrade performance in several ways. Firstly, they require additional data to be loaded with the page, which can increase loading times, especially on slower internet connections. Secondly, ads often involve complex scripts and animations, which can consume a considerable amount of CPU and memory resources, leading to slower response times and a less smooth user experience. Furthermore, ads can distract and detract from the user interface, making the plugin less user-friendly. By avoiding ads, we ensure that the plugin remains fast, efficient, and focused on providing the best user experience possible

Yes. You have the freedom to modify the tags’ links in any manner to suit the design of your website.

Enabling tags for pages is simple, use this safe PHP snippet.

The changelog is available on the Documentation page. You can also access it directly by clicking here.

The changelog provides information on features that have been implemented or improved. It may also offer insights into plans for versions that have yet to be published.”

Too much information can overwhelm you. Here is a selection of basic questions you might ask. If you feel that a relevant question is missing, please feel free to ask via the contact form.

Tag Cloud Story

The creation of this SEO Friendly Tag Cloud Widget was driven by a real need. A developer found that their client had over 200 articles not showing up in search engine results. The best approach? Something automated.

The goal was to develop a lightweight tag cloud plugin for posts, articles.

This plugin aimed to be very simple, without tons of features, scripts, CSS, without requiring extra files to work, and ensuring strict privacy with no ads whatsoever.

It happened. The SEO Friendly Tag Cloud Widget is an easy, simple yet powerful tool for enhancing search appearance.